Beautiful Bowls
Black Cherry Bark EdgeBlack Cherry Bark EdgeThis Black Cherry Bark Edge Bowl has rich grain and deep colour. 8 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches.
Black Cherry Bark Edge 2Black Cherry Bark Edge 2This Black Cherry Bowl has rich colour and deep natural tones. Thin walled with a beautiful gloss finish. SORRY ALREADY SOLD!
Blonde Bark Edge Manitoba MapleBlonde Bark Edge Manitoba MapleThis piece has a clean fair complexion that will work with many decors. Natural and Delicate 9 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches high.
Bountiful Cherry Salad BowlBountiful Cherry Salad BowlYour guests will not fail to remark about the gorgeous oversize salad bowl of beautiful solid Cherry wood. A full 13 inches wide, and 5 inches high. Definately a status piece in your dining room. Would make an appreciated Wedding or housewarming gift.
Box Elder BowlBox Elder BowlA biological wonder of nature with the vibrant red stain that appears organically in the Box Elder tree in certain areas and conditions
Hearty Manitoba Maple Natural EdgeHearty Manitoba Maple Natural EdgeThis accent bowl has unique shape and grain and features in the wood. Subtle colours streak through the grain. Beautiful gloss finish that will not disappoint
Mighty Manitoba Bark EdgeMighty Manitoba Bark EdgeMighty Manitoba Maple makes magnificent bowls . This one is complimented by a robust bark that emphasizes the complex curviture of the tree. 12 inches wide by 9 inches high. SORRY ALREADY SOLD!
Natural Edge Willow BurlNatural Edge Willow BurlThis beautiful piece is from a mighty Willow tree with a "Burl" which appears as an enlarged knot or growth on the trunk. Inside the burl the wood has round swirling grain that makes for marvelous figure in the wood. This piece has the natural bark on the edge which adds to its interest. Approximately 9 inches in diameter and 7 inches high. The smooth finely sanded surface and the satin finish will make you want to caress it lovingly.
Red Box Elder Bark Edge Bowl.Red Box Elder Bark Edge Bowl.This is a magnificent piece, with intense red markings and unusual figure in the bowl. It is a beauty from all angles. The finish is spectacular. A significant piece that measures approximately 11 inches wide and 6 inches high
Shallow Black Walnut and Wenge BowlShallow Black Walnut and Wenge BowlThis is a beautiful accent piece or salad bowl. Made from Black Walnut and exotic Wenge from Africa. The Bowl has very graceful lines with a wide girth and a small uplifting foot. Very beautiful and utilitarian. 11 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches high.
Shallow Maple Salad BowlShallow Maple Salad BowlThis Manitoba Maple bowls has ribbons of colour through the grain to make a creamy beautiful bowl. Makes an excellent light weight salad bowl or beautifull accent piece. 10 inches wide 4 1/2 inches high
Shallow Wide Spalted Manitoba Maple Salad BowlShallow Wide Spalted Manitoba Maple Salad BowlThis distinctive bowl will grace any environment, traditional or modern. The unusual spalting adds great interest to the piece and the finish is flawless. Great for salads for large or small gatherings, or simply to display on its own.
Shallow Willow BurlShallow Willow BurlNatural Edge Shallow Willow that spreads open wide to enjoy the beauty within. 8 inches wide 4 inches high. Deep colour and grain, beautifully finished with a remarkable natural edge. SOLD !
Small Baltic Birch BowlSmall Baltic Birch BowlSmall Baltic Birch Laminated Bowl with Bloodwood foot and rim. This piece has been sanded, buffed and polished to a wonderful shine showing the structured gain. 8 inches wide 4 inches high.
Stick BowlStick BowlA unique bowl made from sticks! Enjoy the ring patterns from the small limbs on this unusual piece.
An Early Stage, Bowl Blank mounted to the lathe